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New Majority Marketing Platform

Attract and win tomorrow's clients 

Communication is key to connecting with New Majority prospects

Women, NextGen, Underrepresented & LGBTQ+ 

New Majority wealth management clients are seeking a trusted relationship with an advisor that will understand her/his/their goals, reflect their values, and genuinely care about their well-being.

Tomorrow's clients are digital first. Their first impression of you comes from your online presence. You need to demonstrate that you are uniquely qualified to understand and care about them as individuals, support their life journeys, and help them achieve their financial and life goals.

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How Willow Can Help You Grow

Certification &

Get certified as a trusted advisor supporting New Majority clients. Market your Willow certification to grow your business. Certified advisors are listed in Willow's directory with a unique website & contact page.

$800/advisor for certification $400/advisor/annual fee


Willow can help grow your practice. Our advisor landing pages showcase your expertise working with New Majority clients. Willow's compliant digital advertising brings your practice more awareness and clients.



Willow's content team reviews your firm's marketing assets across all channels and provides messaging, creative, and compliant editorial and marketing content to better position you to attract new clients. 


Client Events

Willow's seasoned team of diverse financial experts delivers a client engagement event virtually or in-person. This includes a client-ready, compliant presentation, in marketing emails, and promotional social media content.


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Why choose us?

We have been advisors & we are your target audience.

We know your goals because we're former financial advisors. We understand our target audience through our own collective, lived experiences - and they trust us to serve their best interests.

Willow's content team includes financial advisors, coaches, journalists, marketing, design and technology experts - who represent the New Majority.

We have a proven track record of helping financial advisors attract and grow relationships with women, NextGen and underrepresented individuals and families.